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Bishop at B.N.Palayam Village
Saturday, Jun 08, 2019
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Being the first Sunday after consecration , Bishop Sharma Nithiyanandham went Zion Hill along with his family early in the morning for prayer and he then visited a small village called B.N Palayam towards Gudiyattam K V Kuppam Road.
It is a remote village where 15 women, 5 men and a few children partook in the Sunday worship. The village catechist was there to conduct the service. The Bishop , not informing anyone wished to spend the first Sunday after his consecration in a remote village with these people. The people had only heard of him but had not met him before. However it was a joyful occasion for them to meet, shake hands and talk to the Bishop. They were overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. The new Bishop quietly sat with them and later preached a short message along with prayer and benediction. After the service the Bishop sat on the floor amongst the people and enquired about their well being and asked about their needs and invited them to pray for the Church of South India , the Moderator and officers and Diocese of Vellore as well as for the peace and reconciliation of our country . He also requested them to pray for rain and to live in peace and harmony with one and another. The other important facts discussed included daily family prayer and community service, maintain transparency and accountability in all aspects of life. He then knelt down and prayed with them and blessed them.